Common Questions

How does it work?

Funding Change is an online raffle platform that allows non-profit organizations to run raffles of different kinds online. 

Tickets are purchased online. Upon payment for a ticket, the ticket is emailed to the ticket purchaser using the email address provided during the ticket purchase checkout. Ticket purchasers also have the option to download their ticket directly from the purchase confirmation page. 

Organizations receive the proceeds of their raffle sales each week during via electronic fund transfer. 

Organizations are responsible for the administration and proper running of raffles on Funding Change's platform.

Who is eligible to hold an online raffle?

Under the Federal Criminal Code, most non-profit organizations are legally allowed to conduct online raffles to raise funds. The government regulators overseeing gaming in each jurisdiction are the final licensing authority for any non-profit organization that applies. Please contact your local regulator for information on whether or not your non-profit organization is allowed to conduct an online raffle.

Currently, “social” event raffles are NOT eligible for online raffles. It is important to note that raffles are governed by certain terms and conditions and anyone looking to conduct a raffle must apply for a license through the proper governing authorities.

What kind of raffles can I perform?

Funding Change's unique online platform can support traditional percentage payout raffles (i.e. 50/50 draws) and prize raffle draws or a combination of both. We can also add Early-Bird draws to help inspire ticket sales.

As a Split the Pot raffle, organizations are now also able to perform "Progressive Pot" raffles. Progressive pot raffles have more than one draw, typically last over a longer period of time and split the ticket sales between winners drawn throughout the raffle and the Jackpot winner.

For instance, in a Split the Pot raffle where 50% of all ticket sales goes to the organization and 50% to the winner, a progressive pot raffle could be set up to run over three months (say March, April, May) where 50% of all ticket sales purchased in March go into the March pot and the other 50% go into the jackpot drawn in May.

That would mean that if $10,000 in sales occurred in March, $5,000 would go into the March pot and $5,000 would go towards the jackpot. Then, a monthly winner would be drawn to win 50% of the March pot or $2,500. In April if $10,000 in sales occurred, $5,000 would go into the April pot and $5,000 would go towards the jackpot (now $10,000). A monthly winner would be drawn in April to win 50% of the April pot or $2,500.

Then in the final month of May, if $20,000 in sales occurred it would be added to the pot that already stands at $10,000 to become $30,000! A jackpot winner would be drawn that month to receive 50% of that pot or $15,000.

Stay in touch as we've added raffle games such as “Chase the Ace,” Cash Calendars and will add more variations in the future!

How much does it cost to perform a raffle?

We are passionate about your success, therefore, we only charge a percentage of sales from your raffle. Our standard rate for online raffles is 13% of total ticket sales. We cover all the costs for ticket processing and banking transactions. There are no hidden fees. 13% of sales, simple and easy. We also have discount tiers that we can discuss.

Where do I find an application to conduct a raffle?

Every province has a provincial gaming authority that processes the majority of raffle applications for their jurisdiction. To make it easy, we can help you plan your raffle and assist with your application process when you create an account and create your raffle.

How do I start an online raffle?

To get started with your own online raffle, you will begin by creating a Funding Change account. From there you'll be to set up your first raffle in our platform. 

Once your raffle details are set up in our system, you'll be able to download an "Application Package -- this is a set of documents that we generate for you to submit to your local regulator. These documents are documents that your regulator requires in order to licence your raffle to run in your region.  A ticket sample and list of raffle rules are included in this package. 

Your next set will be to actually submit your application to your local regulator. You will find the instructions to go about doing this in your application package. 

What are some tips for making an online raffle successful?

Online raffles are an easy fundraising tool, but they still require some work in order to make them successful. Don't be fooled into thinking that if you build it - they will buy! There are a few things to keep in mind when you start your raffle.

1. Digital Mass
Starting with a large digital audience of frontline supporters and donors is important. If you are considering running an online raffle remember, if you don't have a large group of people on your email list or social media channels, you may want to consider advertising your raffle

2. Engage Your Biggest Fans and Stakeholders
Find ways to get your key staff, board members, volunteers or other interest group connected to your organization involved in selling tickets and sharing your raffle. One way to do that is by turning on Competitive Sales for your raffle. Competitive Sales enables you to assign a unique tracking URL to individuals and then track the sales they inspire by sharing the raffle with those in their sphere of influence.

3. Engaging your Audience
Keep your raffle top of mind with those most likely to buy and share. Remember, people get inundated with emails and posts on their social media feeds. Work to make your email subject lines or posts catchy and interesting and spice up any headlines or social media posts about your raffle. Tell people what your goal is (people love a challenge) Share stories about how your organization is impacting lives or share a video for a personal appeal. Give people a "why" to buy and help inspire them about what they are supporting. Don't forget to tell them to share your raffle with friends and family. Depending on how long your raffle lasts, plan on sending a number of emails - especially around your launch, and when ticket sales are ending. Believe it or not, but 3 per week isn't too many! Just change them up and make them memorable. Have fun with it! These are your supporters, after all.

4. Advertising
Online raffles are not a "silver bullet" when it comes to fundraising. So whether you start with a big group of supporters to share your online raffle with or not, consider advertising your raffle across paid and unpaid channels. Do you have a monthly bulletin or newsletter you regularly send out? Add the raffle URL! Experiment with Facebook ads, posters, table tent cards at an event or wherever you can get the word out about your raffle.

5. Captivating Copy
Photos and descriptive words and phrases are "must haves" in your raffle design. Eye-popping images and hair-raising headlines are a great start. Don't be shy about telling people what you want to do either! "Buy your tickets before they're gone" or "Share this raffle now" help to encourage participation, so don't leave phrases like that out!

For more information on how to successfully share your raffle and make it a success... this a great next step!

What should I do to make my Raffle Page look good?

Make sure to add a nice feature image to your raffle page. You can also add custom content on to your page. Let people know what supporting your organization helps to accomplish, add a photo or two, and don't forget to tell them about what they stand to possibly win!

How does an organization receive the funds raised during the raffle?

Funds are transferred via EFT each Wednesday throughout an online raffle.


Can I use your service at events?

Yes! There are two possible methods for event sales.

Method 1: Kiosk

Set up a "kiosk" or table with a computer or tablet and sell tickets using the Sales page within your raffle dashboard. You will need someone from your organization or a volunteer to process the purchases.

Tickets can be emailed to purchasers or printed on the spot if you have a standard printer connected to your computer.

Method 2: RSU (Raffle Sales Unit) 

RSU's are great for events where you will be selling with multiple ticket sellers. Sellers are set up with a tablet and mobile printer, which are used for processing sales. 

RSU's add an extra layer of logistics and planning to your raffle, but can be well worth it if properly executed.

Is there a limit to how much money can be raised with an online raffle?

The only limitation to how much money can be raised is based on the type of raffle licence you hold through your local regulator. 

For example, in Manitoba there two types of licences that can be used on our platform: an Under 10k raffle (Community Raffle Licence) or an Over 10k raffle (Raffle Licence). Under 10k raffles are limited to $10,000 in sales, as a result, our system will limit sales to this amount. On the other hand, Over 10k raffles have no cap. 

I already have a license for a raffle or have submitted an application, but I want to use Funding Change to run the raffle online?

If you've already filed an application that is being processed by your local regulator and you are now interested in using our services, contact your regulator to inquire as to how you can change your application. There may be extra documentation required to file with them (which we can help with) and they will need to know that you plan on doing your raffle electronically.

What is a Split the Pot draw?

The most common form of a split-the-pot draw is a 50/50 draw. This is where 50% of ticket sales goes to the winner and 50% goes to the organization that is hosting the raffle.

However, you can set up the percentage split any way you like. Some organizations have run 60/40s in order for the organization to see increased benefit from sales. 

Can I make changes to my raffle after it has been submitted?

After submitting a raffle, you can no longer change key details of your raffle such as raffle rules, draw dates and times, and other raffle details that affect your raffle's setup.

If a change must be made, you may do so, however, your raffle will revert out of "Pending" status and you will need to submit your raffle for approval again.

Customizing your raffle design, on the other hand, can be done at any time before or after submission, or even after your raffle has gone live.